Infrared Radiators

For stylish, economic and healthy heating

Langley Eco's applied technology leads the way when it comes to long-wave infrared heating panels. Safety, high efficiency and a long lifetime are guaranteed, making Langley Eco the world’s leading infrared heating panels./images/infra_hero.jpg

Infrared Radiators
Savings for your gas use
Savings on oil use throughout your home
Savings on night storage
Heater build up

Technology behind it

The technology for infrared heating was developed for space engineering using the same principles as the sun. The suns waves do not heat the air but the solid objects it touches which then store the warmth and radiate it back into the air. You can experience this when you step out of shade into direct sunlight and immediately feel much warmer catching the suns infrared rays.

Infrared radiator bathroom mirror

Even heat distribution

Conventional convection radiators cause warm air to rise upwards. When it reaches the ceiling it cools down again and sinks to the floor where it flows back towards the radiator. This makes the area below the ceiling the warmest and the area nearest the floor the coolest. Think of the expression ‘hot air rises’, a problem that makes achieving an even room temperature impossible. Infrared radiators heat the objects in the room and so distribute heat only where it is needed and when it is needed. There is no need for air circulation in a room for Infrared heating to work.

Heat distribution of conventional radiators Heat distribution of infrared radiators

Infra-red vs. Conventional Heating

Infra-red save more energy than conventional heating
Infra-red produce fewer CO2 emissions than other heating systems
Infra-red produce an environment that is good for your health
Supply, installation and maintenance is cheaper than other systems

Heaters that are safe and sleek

Heaters that are safe and sleek

The production process of our panels is inspected under ISO and guarantees extremely high-quality mass production. Our panels are CE compliant and are also IP44 rated (dust and splash-proof). Each panel is fitted with five built-in safety sensors which stop it from overheating and as it is protected on both sides by aluminium plates, the structure of the panel offers a 100-per cent guaranteed protective conductor. Our applied technology guarantees outstanding safety, durability and not least excellent heat output.

Health benefits

Health Benefits

Infrared radiators offer dust and bacteria free air and prevent the unpleasant dry heat obtained from convection heating. They keep masonry free of mould and the temperature is distributed evenly throughout the room. Cold feet and hot heads are a thing of the past.

Design options

Design Options

Who said a heater can’t be decorative? Our premium infrared heaters are not just unbeatable when it comes to technology. We work exclusively with several artists in photography, painting and graphics who keep coming up with new design ideas for us.

PV panels on roof

Perfect with PV

Since infrared panels are operated using electricity, it is an ideal form of heating to be used in conjunction with Photovoltaic (PV) panels. By generating your own electricity with a PV system, you effectively create cost free heating.

“Studies show that infrared radiation heating is a sensible alternative to conventional heating systems. Correct use of infrared radiation heating offers advantages in terms of energy consumption as well as in terms of cost and the carbon footprint.”